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Winter Wonderland!

The entire, picturesque village of Røros, pop. 5.700, is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and looks particularly good covered in snow (right). Founded as a copper mining town in the 1600s, the village with its old, tarred buildings in wood, is clustered around the landmark Røros Church built by the mining company in 1780.

A concert on the church’s baroque organ is a lovely event, for instance preceded by a highly original sightseeing tour by «spark», a seat mounted on steel runners (see main picture for Lillehammer). One person sits down, whilst the other kicks the contraption along. Another exotic means of transfer in the village, is by torchlit horse and sleigh (above).

A selection of fun snow activities are available, amongst them lassoeing reindeer, driving a reindeer sleigh (for the brave!), dog-sledding, snowscooter safaris and snow-kiting. Refreshments and meals may be served in log cabins or  lavvos (Samí tents with an open fireplace in the middle).

Domestic airport (RRS). The flight from Oslo takes about 45 mins (approx. 5 hours by train).

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