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Northern Lights © Shigeru Ohki/Visit Tromsø Region

Northern Lights in winter, Midnight Sun in summer.

This Arctic Capital is a very lively and friendly city, pop. 68.500. Less than 2 hours by air from Oslo, but a completely different world!

Activities within easy reach from the city include deep sea fishing on an old fishing boat, snow scooter racing, dog-sledding, ice-fishing, snowshoe racing and lunch served in a Sami lavvo.

Downtown, how about a private choir performance  in the magnificent Arctic Cathedral (above), a welcome cocktail party overlooking the city at the top of Mount Fløya, 420m, or a private tour of the northernmost brewery in the world, including beer-tasting?

Airport (TOS) only 10-15 mins. from city centre, flight from Oslo takes approx. 1hour 45 mins.

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